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naturopathic consultation

All treatments begin with a consultation, to create the best individualized health plan for you.  This involves a detailed intake, medical and family history, review of labs, and indicated physical exam. 

herbal medicine

Herbs are nature's gift to humans. Medicines derived from plant sources have been used since the beginning of time, and can be used to support every process of the body.   Herbs are excellent at treating stress and the nervous system, and also support the immune system, digestion and detox, and treat inflammation.  


Diet really is the foundation of health, so eating the best diet for your body type and condition is the most important thing you can do.  Specific nutrients can be targeted, through diet, supplements, or IV’s, to accelerate the healing process.  Nutritional deficiencies can be revealed through a consultation, physical exam, or through various testing procedures and questionnaires.  


Cleansing and detoxification can be an important step to feeling better. As the world around us gets more toxic, so do conditions like hormone imbalance and immune dysfunction.   Try a customize detox program using nutrition, herbs, and vitamins and minerals. 

Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a German injection technique that regulates the nervous system to treat the whole body. Nerves communicate with our whole body, so these injections can treat organs, hormones, tight muscles, brain function, and improve fertility.  Large scars on the body create an energy blockage- ask how Neural therapy can treat them! 


This regenerative injection therapy is improving the lives of athletes and those with sports injuries.  A dextrose solution is injected into inflamed and injured ligaments to stimulate collagen formation, strengthen the joints, and decrease pain. Great for achy knees, tendonitis, and other joint pains. 

Weight Loss

Hormones out of balance can sabotage your best weight loss efforts.  A complete hormonal and digestive assessment is the beginning to most successful weight loss programs.  Thyroid, estrogen, adrenals, inflammation and candida issues will all be assessed for your program.


Allergy treatments are effective for all types of allergies including foods, pets, chemical sensitivity and seasonal allergies.  Dr. MacIver will consider adrenal health, gut integrity, detoxification, and vitamin D levels when making your treatment plan, and often recommends LDA therapy.

Auto-immune Treatments

To successfully treat autoimmunity we must find the trigger of the immune dysfunction and correct it.  Things to consider include infections in the body, adrenal health, vitamin D levels, toxin load and gut integrity.  LDA and LDI immunotherapy are invaluable tools for treating the immune system.

Intravenous (IV) Therapies

IV therapy is an excellent way to get a high dose of good nutrients into the body quickly. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, glutathione, and homeopathic remedies can be used to support detoxification, fight infections, activate enzymes, and to just feel good!  IV therapy can support healing after surgery, as well as at the onset of a cold or flu, or for any chronic illness. 

Chelation therapy

Chelation therapy is a treatment designed to remove toxic  metals from the body. Toxic metals are poisonous to all cells.  Chelation should be considered by anyone who wants to clean their blood vessels, smokers, preconception, and for those who have had mercury amalgams in their teeth. 


Homeopathic remedies are gentle, energetic remedies that excel at treating emotional issues. They are great for children and for sensitive people, and they don’t interfere with medications.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing is an important part of the assessment and can be used to monitor progress.  Specific tests will be recommended based on your consultation. We use the most advanced tests for blood, urine and saliva.  There are some excellent new tests available to help accurately diagnose your problem!

LDA and LDI Immunotherapy

Low dose immunotherapy is the single best tool I have for immune hyperactivity. It treats all types of allergy, chemical sensitivity, autoimmunity, PANDAS and lyme disease. The procedure involves administering  very diluted (homeopathic) formulas customized for you.  Commonly used formulas include foods, inhalants, chemicals, strep and lyme. Dr. MacIver has studied under Dr. Shrader and Dr. Vincent.