Are You Getting Enough Regenerative Sleep?

I had an exciting weekend learning about regenerative sleep and the sleep promoting effect of certain vitamins on the body.  Dr Stasha Gominak is a neurologist and sleep expert, and has shared her Rightsleep program with our team at Kinetic Patterns.

The core to this program is optimizing regenerative sleep, by balancing the levels of vitamins B and D.  Not only does optimum vitamin D levels help you sleep better, but the regenerative sleep it provides improves allergies and autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, infertility, depression, and many other things.  The vitamin D helps you sleep,  then you repair your body.   I was surprised to do a vitamin D test on myself, and see I was in the very bottom of the range.  (This is apparently quite common!) It is essential to do the testing, and then the follow up testing, to make sure your levels stay in the optimum range. Interestingly, what we consider to be the optimum amount of vitamin D for good sleep is above the “normal” reported range. You can also end up with a vitamin D level that is too high, which also causes sleep disturbance, so it is important to do the follow up testing!  

Who Needs RightSleep?  Anyone who wants to optimize sleep and repair

Anyone waking with pain, dullness, or fatigue 

Hyperactive children

Sleepwalking/ Night terrors/ Kicking/ Bedwetting


Sleep apnea

What to Expect  During your first consultation we will review your sleep and sleep associated symptoms.  Several vitamin levels need to be measured in the blood.  You may pick up a lab requisition in advance, so the results are ready for your first appointment, or you may pick it up at your first appointment.

Expect a follow up blood test and consultation at one month and four months.  In this time most patients are able to optimize their vitamin levels, and to start shifting their sleep and repair!

I am really excited about this program!  I am participating, and am getting my friends and family on board as well. Call today if you would like more information, or to get started.  

Regenerative Sleep Update

Regenerative Sleep Update

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